This is going to sound a little weird but what is one good thing that fibromyalgia has given you?

For me, fibromyalgia showed me how tough I really am. I’ve been through a lot in my life, too much to list here, really, and have a fair number of conditions, yet always resilient. Even on days like today when I couldn’t get out of bed or do anything productive while in bed, in a way, I’m still a little bit grateful to learn that I don’t think anything is going to take me out or bring me down. It’s given me a new appreciation on life, a reminder not to take things for granted, and the insight to learn who really has my back while I’m sick (and everywhere else) and who would rather just have me before I got sick back. Frankly, I would like pre-sick me back too but this is the hand I was dealt with and I must work through it.

Oh, and an appreciation for electric blankets and fuzzy socks.

What about you? What’s one good thing that fibromyalgia has brought you?