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Authors Note: This is the beginning of a series of bath and body products (mainly from Lush) that I’ve found to help my fibromyalgia.

Every day, I spend about an hour or so in an Epsom salt bath. This is because I have fibromyalgia, a chronic disease in which I am in pain nearly 24/7 (amongst other delightful symptoms). I usually take them in the morning when I first get up to help my body unlock, though I’ll never turn down a bath at night to help wind down and relax for bed.

The State of California must love me. I realize that this isn’t the friendliest thing I could do to Mother Earth and that I’ll waste less water with showers, however, this is what helps me during a flare.

This is Lush’s Bubble Spinner, one of their reusable bubble bars that is designed to look like the ever popular fidget spinner with blue, pink, and yellow ends. And yes, it spins. Not well, but it does spin! As someone with ADHD, I fidget. A lot. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I have multiple fidget spinners and a fidget cube. They’re pretty helpful! It’s made up of three scents: lemon, lime, and grapefruit (though you really can’t tell them all apart. It just smells sweet and citrusy).

I haven’t had much luck with bubble bars in the past and I tend to not grab them because of it. In my past experiences, there wasn’t a ton of bubbles and it was more work than what it produced.

Those problems that I had were completely diminished with the Bubble Spinner. In fact, this is one of my newest favorite Lush items.

The way you’re recommended to use the bubble spinner is to hold it by the wooden post in the middle and to hold that under the water, causing it to spin. I divided my spinner into threes. I did try to have it spin under the water, however, between the thickness of the bubble bar and the fragility of the post (it comes apart very easilly). Unlike other bubble bars I’ve tried, you can’t really crumble it under the stream of water as you fill your tub. It’s really solid. My fix? I took the chunk of bubble bar and plugged it into the faucet as the water came out around it. That worked until the chunk became too small and, from there, I was able to hold it and let it dissolve regularly.

How it helps my fibromyalgia:
In learning how to treat myself, I’m discovering that I need to fight the mental, as well as the physical pain. I need to treat my entire body, rather than focusing on one aspect. The more I can treat, the better I’ll end up.

The majority of the relief that comes from these baths are due to the Epsom salt and due to the warm water. However, I’m pretty big on aromatherapy (my oil diffuser is one of my most favorite things) so if I can kill two birds with one stone, let’s do that.

This bubble bar has three citrus oils in them: grapefruit, lime, and lemon. I have always loved citrusy scents so this bar was a dream come true, really!

Let’s take a look at the properties of each oil. Since they’re all from the citrus family, there’s going to be a lot of similarities between the three.

Lime oil: Promotes emotional well-being, acts as cleanser due to its high limonene content, known to uplift and energize.

Lemon oil: Cleanses (lemons are particularly useful for cleaning!) and purifies, uplifts mood and  environment

Grapefruit oil: Uplifts mood, promotes clear and healthy skin, invigorates and energizes

So there you have it. All three are uplifting, cleansing, invigorating, and energizing. The depression that comes with the fibromyalgia is crippling. At this point, I will take any uplifting and energizing that I can get!

Together, they are the bubble spinner. Together, they make one the master of a citrusy bath time.

I rate the Bubble Spinner 4.5/5 stars. While I love it a lot, the scent just doesn’t stick to my skin as much as I would love it to. By the time that I get out of the bath, the smell is nearly gone which is a shame because as a bar, the scent is pretty strong (it makes our bathroom smell awesome!). It does make my skin soft and it does produce a lot of bubbles as well as colored bathwater so it won its points there.



(I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review, nor will I receive compensation from Lush if you order the item through their site.)