Photo on 12-31-17 at 5.21 PM

Happy Sunday, everyone! And happy New Year’s Eve!

The pain is better today after a looooong bath. I paired the Epsom salt with Lush’s Snow Fairy jelly bath bomb. I wasn’t a huge fan of it and I’ll have my review up soon. A lot of people tend to like that one so I guess I’m the odd man out there. Afterwards, I took two types of CBD oils: a 1:1 ratio and one especially for inflammation. The inflammation one is a new one and I truly hope that it helps. I’ll be sure to leave my review of that as well. While the pain is under control, the cognitive issues are getting worse :(. It’s a horrible cycle.

I’m still trying to keep everything warm and under four blankets, I’m bundled up in my Pink Floyd fleece PJ pants, a fuzzy pair of socks my Mum in law gave me for Xmas, and this AWESOME San Jose Sharks hoodie that Mr. Otter got me. I LOOOOOVE my Sharks and before fibromyalgia, I used to go to their practices each day. I want to get well enough to get back there and back to some games. I was dozing off during the last game that I saw which isn’t like me at all :(. It’s a quiet day here.

Mr. Otter and I are both feeling crummy (he has a tummy virus that he’s been fighting the last few weeks). We have the Breaking Bad marathon on. I am obsessed with Breaking Bad and it turned 10 years old today! My future middle name, Jesse, may or may not be connected to that. I’ll make a post about that one day ;). I won’t let the terrifying 2017 (back surgery that left a bunch of nerve damage and has been my slowest recovery to date, two stays in inpatient with the diagnosis of bipolar II adding up to about a month, 5 months of outpatient, and the diagnosis of fibromyalgia) break my spirit for 2018.

I’m still smiling!