I come from a sports-oriented family. I have a step-cousin who played in the NFL, my brother was a Babe Ruth world series champion and has won a bunch of state-level awards for baseball and is now a coach for underprivileged youth and a personal trainer, my stepdad coached baseball and basketball for years, and I grew up playing basketball and baseball before I settled on my main sport: mascotting. Maybe I’ll tell that story one day ;).

IMG_6997My brother used to swear by Avobath whenever our Mum would get us a treat from Lush. He’d wait until after a baseball game to use it and would comment on how relaxed his muscles felt afterward. Being that sore muscles comes with fibromyalgia, I decided to give it a go.


This is Avobath from Lush! It’s made from, you guessed it, avocados!

That’s why I can’t buy a house! It’s not avocado toast! It’s avocado bath bombs!

There’s some great stuff in this one! Besides the avocado and the olive oil to help make your skin silky smooth, there’s some incredible aromatherapy that comes with this one. I absolutely love how my bathroom smells with Avobath. It’s a very citrus heavy smell, mainly dominated by the lemongrass oils and bergamot oils, with a bright undertone thanks to the rosewood oil and the gardenia extract.

Lemongrass Oil: Can reduce muscle pain, relieve headaches, and boost energy.

Bergamont Oil: Can reduce pain, nervous tension, stress, and anxiety.

Rosewood Oil: A mild analgesic. Can reduce pain in joints and muscles, and symptoms of depression.

Gardenia Extract: Can help reduce tension, stress, and muscular pain.

All of these combined is really great for helping to manage the symptoms of my fibromyalgia.IMG_6994

This one fizzles pretty quickly compared to other ones. It’s a very basic bath bomb and doesn’t contain things like glitter or flower petals or popping candies or multiple colors. It’s simple and it’s perfect. Don’t let its’ minimalism put you off. It turns the water a wonderful, shimmering green that lasts the entire bath.

Avobath is one of my favorite bath bombs from Lush. I rate this one a solid 5/5.


(I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review, nor will I receive compensation from Lush if you order the item through their site.)