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The tears are falling hard tonight. The pain is starting to flare up again, tenfold. Combined with the hot flashes and severe fibrofog, I just sort of lost it. This is the reality of living with fibromyalgia. We live with pain so severe that it can push us to tears. I am no stranger to pain. I’ve fractured limbs, sprained others, had multiple back surgeries, battled neuropathy, broken bones, and the fibro pain is STILL the worst pain I’ve ever dealt with. I am begging the universe for some sort of relief, some sort of answer, something that will make this hell go away.

I’m exhausted from the unfulfilling sleep and insomnia I’ve been fighting, my eyes are puffy, my entire body is screaming, but I wanted to show reality. My illness may be invisible, but it’s real and it’s valid. I completely understand that I am currently going through the stages of grief right now with my diagnosis and that some days are and will be better than others. I just have to keep pushing and keep fighting and, always, keep smiling.