I felt that my harsh review of Sakura was a bit unfair so here’s an extra review for  Tuesday Reviewsday.

This is one of my favorite bath bombs. It’s a bit pricier, being a jelly bomb, but it’s in my lineup for good reason.

Now jelly bombs are hit or miss for a lot of people. I’ve seen a lot of complaints that either  I make sure my water is piping hot. I also fill the tub halfway before I pop the bomb in and then fill it the rest of the way once its dissolved. This way the jelly has time to dissolve while you’re in the bath. If you’re still having issues with the bath bomb working, I recommend holding it under the water and shaking it.


There are some really good ingredients in this one including:

Lavender Oil: Eliminates nerve tension, induces sleep, relieves muscle pain.

Neroli Oil: Lowers inflammation and pain, reduces stress

Tonka Absolute: Not recommended for aromatherapy. Mainly just used for perfume.

Chamomile Powder: Promotes relaxation.

With all those relaxing elements, this is absolutely a nighttime bath bomb. Or when you’re ready for a midday nap. I fell asleep within an hour after getting out of the bath. Very few things make me fall asleep that quickly. 

IMG_7088This bath bomb is gorgeous and the green and blue that comes from it are stunning. The tub water turns a beautiful shade of teal. It doesn’t leave There’s no glitter in this one and really? It doesn’t need it. The jelly and the incredible scent are enough.IMG_7097

The scent is incredible. It’s incredibly lavender-heavy, which I’m fine with. I couldn’t pick up any of the sweet, honeyed hints of the neroli but I could pick up on the vanilla tones of the tonka and the herbal hint of the chamomile powder. This is one that stays on your skin long after you get out of the tub.IMG_7099

This bath bomb is perfect for my fibromyalgia. Between the Sleepless nights are pretty common with this disease and I’ll take all of the help that I can get. And it made my skin so silky soft, as with the rest of the jelly bombs. Cleanup was a breeze with just a quick spray of the shower. It may be a little slippery when you get out so take care to be careful.

I highly recommend this one. Twilight is a similar scent but I feel that the Big Sleep is a much deeper, more complex, and much more calming, effective scent than that of Twilight.



(I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review, nor will I receive compensation from Lush if you order the item through their site.)