MetamorphosisI separate my bath bombs into ones that are more suited for the daytime, and ones that are more suited for the nighttime. The daytime ones are supposed to be more uplifting and awakening. The ones for the nighttime have a deeper, more complex scent that puts me in relaxation mode to (hopefully) get me to bed.

IMG_7112Metamorphosis is a new addition to the Lush lineup and is one of the perfect bath bombs for nighttime. This bath bomb starts out looking a certain way but, once it’s in the bath, it changes drastically. As Walter White puts it on Breaking Bad, “It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really.”.IMG_7118

There are some incredible oils here that not only help me with my pain management but helps with relaxation.

Black Pepper Oil: Warming, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, encourages circulation

Cinnamon Oil: anti-inflammatory, encourages circulation, strengthens immune system, relieves depression

Myrrh Resinoid: Mainly used as a perfume fixative. Antiseptic and soothing.IMG_7121

Metamorphosis is an awesome looking bath bomb, a dark gray that shimmers with luster and has a textured outer layer. It’s almost reminiscent of, say, a dragon’s egg. In fact, I would love to see something similar for Lush’s Dragon’s Egg.

When it enters the bath, the black dissolves into a sea of orange, pink, yellow and green foam. Think of a phoenix rising from the ashes. That was the first thought that came to my mind!IMG_7122

Mixed together, it comes out as sort of a murky grey-brown water which isn’t too appealing (not like the pitch black of say Dark Arts, something a bit more muted with this one) but the show that comes with it is worth it. The water isn’t as sparkly as it can get with other bath bombs but there’s a shimmer. Cleanup is a breeze and I didn’t notice a slippery tub.

Entering the bath, you feel the warming sensation of the black pepper and cinnamon oils almost immediately. My muscles felt super relaxed. I kept topping this bath off because it felt so incredible to be engulfed in such a calming warmth. The spicy scent stayed on my skin afterward for a long time.IMG_7124

I give Metamorphosis a 5/5. It has a great scent and did the job of helping me get relaxed.

My only qualm against it is the color of the water afterward, the orange, pink, yellow and green foam plus the grey and black lustermixed in a way that the water just looked muddy. I wasn’t too impressed by that. I get that Lush wants to put on a show and I am all for that, but I think they really need to take another look at their color palette and the outcomes of which colors mix together. It’s not my thing, but I can’t knock a point off for all the rest of the qualities about it.

IMG_7133Besides that, it’s a solid bath bomb and it’s going to be a regular part of my rotation.IMG_7131