Luter Traiecto Nunquam Titillandus


My name is DK. I’m a 28-year-old, transmasculine dude who has fibromyalgia, as well as a few co-existing conditions. My fibromyalgia diagnosis became official in 2017, though I have been battling the symptoms for years with the response from the medical community and others that I was “lazy”, “faking it”, or “would be perfectly healthy if I lost a few pounds”.

Fibrofied is a look at my day to day life with fibromyalgia, whether it’s reviewing a product I’ve tried, talking about the latest breakthrough in fibromyalgia research, sharing spoonie friendly recipes, or whatever else seems to come across my path as I navigate the choppy waters that is my life in search for smooth sailing or a port to rest.

I live in the always sunny (and ridiculously overpriced) San Francisco Bay Area with my partner, known on this blog as Mr. Otter, and a 13-year-old female German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix.

I’m a Hufflepuff and an Aquarian. I love all things Disney, Breaking Bad, Norse mythology, and. I play the electric ukulele and can recite the entirety of The Lion King.